Intelligent Management System Association

mindZplay's IMS Association is an industry
leading all-in-one, web-based marketing and
administration system for associations,
member-based organizations, non-profits and
special interest groups.


1 What types of associations and organizations are best suited to mindZplay Association Manager Sites?
  • mindZplay specializes in designing management systems for healthcare and related associations. However, our systems are suited for any member's based organization. A brief list of appropriate organizations would include the following: healthcare organizations, real estate, construction, professional services, service industries, arts and religious.

    Generally speaking, any organization that requires simple-to use yet sophisticated member management utilities is a good candidate for the IMS Association system.

2 What is the cost for the product?
  • While most of our clients use a similar set of system management tools, we recognize that each association has their own unique requirements. After consulting with you and fully understanding your specific needs, mindZplay will provide you with a price for your association's IMS system. We will identify to you in writing what the system's functionality will be, its cost and delivery timeframe.

    Our clients tell us that the efficiencies and value-added functionality that the mindZplay IMS system brings to their organization, has been one of their best investments.

3 Do I need to be quite computer literate to manage the online system?
  • No, it's quite simple to operate. IMS automates your repetitive tasks and creating and publishing website content with the IMS system is as simple as composing and sending an email message. In addition, mindZplay offers training and support, at no additional charge, to assist you through the initial learning curve.

4 What is the mindZplay advantage to our organizations goal in developing an integrated member management and website all-in-one package?
  • mindZplay core management team is comprised of well respected individuals accredited and accomplished in:
    • Database design and administration
    • Graphic arts
    • Business administration
    • Commercial Web-hosting and Internet provisioning
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Advertising
    • Customer service and support
    As such, mindZplay Solutions is ideally suited to work with your organization to accomplish your goals.

5 What is mindZplay track record?
  • With over 18,000 site users and growing daily, we are confident you will enjoy the experience of partnering with mindZplay today and in the future. We value each and every client as if you were our first.

7 What are my system requirements to use the new system?
  • IMS Association can be used to securely manage your organization from any Internet connected PC at your office, home or away. No special hardware or PC software is required, IMS is compatible with all of the popular Internet browsers.

8 How secure is our association data?
  • Data is housed on mindZplay secure servers and available only to you or those you have extended the privilege to. Your data is yours and yours alone.

9 Are there any hidden fees?
  • No. Your association will be quoted based on a written proposal specific to your needs. All identified objectives will be met and pricing will include hosting fees on mindZplay servers. Service and support functions are also stipulated clearly. Our goal is to communicate clearly with you so that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

10 Can we add features or functions later?
  • Yes, mindZplay can develop specific functions that may be requested at a later date. Additionally, we are always developing new functions that various associations and organizations put forth in their future "wish lists". We recognize that as your organizational growth and function grows so your association management solution must also adapt to changing requirements.

11 What are next steps if we wish to talk to mindZplay further?
  • That is the easy part. Simply click hereand complete the electronic contact request form or give us a call at 1-888-373-6982 or. We look forward to hearing from you!